5 Best Surf Beaches In The Nosara Area

It’s true we are quite happy in Nosara, Costa Rica. But it’s not just the pura vida vibe, the remote jungle, the endless variety of yoga retreats, or the pristine wildlife at your doorstep that attracts visitors to this area.

For many,Nosara is a surfer’s escape! This area offers some of the most diverse, beautiful, awe-inspiring beaches this country has to offer. Whether you’re a pro surfer, an aspiring intermediate, a full beginner, or you just enjoy soaking in the sun on a remote hidden beach away from the crowds, you’ll find it here. The list is massive! In this article, we’ll talk about the most popular beaches in Nosara, what makes them so special, and also some of the hidden gems not many people know about yet!

First and foremost, Guiones

Guiones is probably the most popular beach in the area and no doubt about it, it is a surfer’s paradise! Not only does it have waves 365 days

out of the year, but unlike many other waves in Costa Rica, the waves here are absolutely perfect to improve your surfing.

First off, the beach is very long and it is all sandy bottom so there is plenty of space to find your own little stretch to practice on with no fear of others or rocks in your way! Second, the wave breaks quite far off the shore so for a beginner staying in the white-water this is perfect as the waves rolls on forever giving you incredibly long rides and plenty of opportunities to catch them. Because the sand banks extend for much longer than any other beach in the country, a beginner can challenge themselves by walking further out while still feeling completely safe on a shallow, friendly sand bank. At low tide, you can walk out for over 100 meters and still touch the bottom! For intermediate to advanced surfers, Guiones is unique in that not only is it one of the most consistent beach breaks on the planet but the wave holds a good, friendly shape from 2 feet to double-overhead! It isn’t a back-breaking shore-break, nor is it a speedy close-out that you have to race. Rather, it gives a slow steady push giving one plenty of time to practice various maneuvers and improve their technique. However, don’t be phased, if you like a heavier wave, just wait for the tide to drop a little bit andthis wave will heave barrels over your head and shoot you out all up and down the beach!

Second we have Ostional.

This beach is something quite special. Every month, Ostional is home to a unique natural phenomenon attracting visitors, researchers, and nature enthusiasts world-wide.

They are called “arribadas” (arrivals in Spanish).While on any given day you can see a turtle nest their eggs on the beach there, during the arribadas, thousands upon thousands of giant sea turtles gather in their masses to lay their eggs on this beach. This will last anywhere from three to seven days and is a sight that one will never forget. While surfing isn’t allowed during this sensitive time window, every other day, Ostional offers a consistent, fast, and sometimes heavy wave many local surfers swear by. At low tide, one can learn to surf in the shallows often times by themselves and away from anything and everyone surrounded by a lush jungle and a jaw-dropping view of a large black sand beach extending for miles. If you’re an advanced surfer, this place will put you to the test. If you’re just beginning, this place will show you a very different energy to that of Guiones but don’t be afraid, it is perfectly safe at low tide and well worth the trip! However, it is recommended you have an instructor with you at first to show you the ins and outs of how this beach works.

Third we have the legendary Marbella.

This beach is about 30 minutes north of Nosara and again is as unique as it is beautiful.

There are no houses by the beach apart from one small restaurant making this place a very quiet, peaceful, and remote place to surf, and camp! Although the wave sometimes attracts a few locals and surfers from Tamarindo, it is well worth it! The wave doesn’t break far off the shore, rather a few reefy outcrops in the distance bend and warp the incoming wave giving it an incredible open face when it finally hits the shore boasting perhaps one of the best open barrels in the region. The beach itself has a bit of shade to relax in and has without a doubt a scenery worthy of any avid photographer. So whether you’re there to get pitted, to surf a new beach, or to relax and enjoy the scenery, yo won’t be disappointed.

Fourth we have the river mouth or Boca Nosara.

This is where both the Rio Nosara and the Rio Montana meet and flow out into the ocean. Naturally this place is magical with its blossoming natural eco-system. Bird-watchers and surfers alike gather here for its scenery and uncrowded wave. This less visited wave can be fast yet perfect with few peaks up the beach that are guaranteed to give you the chills! The scenery

is that amazing. There are paddle-board tours up the river for those who don’t want to surf, amazing nature walks up the cliffs, and a newly built 5-star resort with a view that will leave you wide-eyed for those who simply want a cold beer while watching the birds!

Finally Baker’s Beach, or South Guiones.

This is in fact the southern end of Guiones but because it has its own remote entrance it is often unvisited and considered quite separate from the main Guiones beach.

One can drive their truck right on the beach making it a great place to set up camp for the day and surf waves with nobody on them. Not only are the waves empty, but there’s opportunity to go for walks to the point, or even go fishing with some locals if one were so inclined!

These are five of many many more incredible beaches this coastline has to offer. At Nosara Nomads, we know every angle of every beach here and would love to show you around! Not only do we have the best surf instructors in town but we do more than just teach you how to surf, we will give you an experience you will never forget and take you places that will transform your life! Whether you want a single surf lesson, or an entire package. Whether you want to stay in Guiones or go exploring new spots. Whether you want to do a day trip or a 3-day camping trip… Nosara Nomads will cater to your every needs and more, we are here to give you the best experience of your life!

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