5 Healthy Things To Do in Nosara You Probably Weren’t Aware Of.

Nosara, located midway along the beautiful Guanacaste coastline in Costa Rica is home to some of the country’s most beautiful beaches, most pristine jungle,
and a growing conscious yogic community! On any given week one can find a series of yoga retreats and classes all within a wholesome, healthy, and natural wellness driven atmosphere. Yes there are parties, yes there is music, and tapas, and bars, just like everywhere else! But here, we put a large emphasis on what is natural, healthy, and wholesome for our bodies and minds. You will find an enormous variety of alternative events, health projects, healing practices and more that are geared towards higher consciousness, and a more aware and in-tune lifestyle. There are events all the time and it’s hard to pick some of the top retreats so in this article we will discuss 5 things that you may not know about that you should look into while in Nosara, if you’re interested in alternative medicine, healthy food, yoga, health, and wellness, you’ve come to right place.


First and foremost is the Global Nurture Project. The Global Nurture Project is a program dedicated to serve any individual’s physical, mental, and spiritual health using holistic, natural and intuitive remedies. They focus on an individual’s entire universal make-up to develop in-depth personal healing modalities ranging from physical exercise to alternative healing practices and plant based supplements. Developing a long-term rejuvenation plan involves recognizing each individual’s specific physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing; they take all these into consideration, and more. Want more information? Check out http://www.costaricayogaspa.com/iboga-therapy.html


Second is the Mystiko Kolibri. It is a hole in the wall restaurant located in North Guiones at Gabi’s Place. This place offers healthy meals all day made with awareness and love. Everything is organic, all the greens come from a local garden, offering vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options. From coconut curries to green sprout salads, to potatoes and eggs, there is a healthy wholesome option for every palate! Not only is the food amazing but try the various green juices, shakes, organic green coffees and the various supplements on offer. There is something special here and it’s local, fresh, and made with love.

Third are Marck’s yoga classes. Yes, I know, there are hundreds of options when it comes to yoga classes, retreats, events etc but Marck is special. He has been a part of the local Nosara community for years now and offers three classes/day everyday except Sunday so you can’t miss them! His classes range from mellow and rejuvenating to a power/hot vinyassa. He is also an avid surfer so any surfers out there looking to do yoga geared specifically for surf endurance and recovery, he’s your guy. Check him out at Tica Massage Monday-Saturday 9:00am, 11:00am, and 12:30 during high season.

Fourth are Amber Ryan’s 5Rhythm classes. 5Rhythms is a free-form guided dance/yoga/meditation that takes you from ecstatic dance to slow movements and guides you through various physical and emotional aspects of your being. It is a wonderful way to release energy and regroup, refresh and restore at the same time. It cleanses you both physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Amber is a long-time legend in Nosara and has quite the following. She offers multiple intensive week-long retreats every year however during high season, she has a class open to the public every Sunday at 4:30pm at the Costa Rica Yoga Spa and you are welcome to stay for an all-organic vegetarian buffet-style dinner afterwards. The whole experience is amazing, it will make you sweat, cry, laugh, and you will meet amazing people from the local community!

Finally, let’s talk about Nosara Nomads! This is more than a surf school. This is surf therapy! We consider surfing to be a lot more than simply standing on a board. From in-depth ocean knowledge to body movement and awareness to breath work and exercises in mental clarity. Nosara Nomads will change you! We believe there is an enormous amount of healing, energy, and depth to be gained from the ocean and riding it’s waves and we want to share that with you. You can be from whatever walk of life, we will cater to your needs and show you a side of surfing you weren’t expecting. Whether you are terrified of water, or an avid surfer looking to go on the adventure of a lifetime, you will not be disappointed. We will give you the most complete, fun, and enlightening experience of your life! WARNING: this tends to become addictive and many are prone to dropping everything and changing their lives dramatically because of it!

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