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What is the Surf Refuge?

Good question. Work in progress…

Lets start by saying that this place is not your typical space. There are no walls. There is no hot water. The monkeys wake us up in the morning and the grasshoppers eat our bananas at night… The water comes from the ground, the electricity from the sun. We till the earth, play in the waves, and try to learn something along the way. We live simply. We love it.

The refuge is a hideout for surfers and yogis alike nestled away in the mountains of Nosara, Costa Rica. It is a surfer’s ashram, a seeker’s sanctuary, and a nomad’s home. It can provide the space for immense personal growth and discovery, as well as rejuvenate the weary traveller in the tranquility of nature.

The refuge functions as an open home, a surfing platform, an esoteric school, and a permaculture project. With just a few people, a lot of nature, and a lot of beauty, this place makes magic.

What do we do?

We cultivate tomatoes, inner peace, and the stoke!

First and foremost, we surf everyday. But nothing is obligatory. We also rest, relax, laugh, stretch, garden, move, learn, read, share, and dive into a diverse range of beneficial practices everyday.

In short, what we offer is health and happiness, our medium is vast, and our tools are many but we facilitate what we can and offer a variety of options.

We are a unique surf hostel offering all kinds of packages for anyone interested. We are also a secluded and perfectly located hideout for experienced surfers looking for a base camp from which to surf a variety of waves with a fully equipped truck.

We don’t just stop there as this place can hold such magic, we are also open to host a variety of retreats from yoga immersions and all inclusive surf retreats, to plant medicine ceremonies, cacao circles, contact dances, permaculture workshops etc.

On a daily basis, we function like an ashram. Well, a hostel… but ashram sounds better. We’re an open community of surfers, seekers, gardeners and yogis alike. Our daily routine involves practices that invigorate the mind, the heart and the body respectively. We believe surfing finds it’s relevance in each. Our optional daily offerings span a huge range of practices each with its own magic and gift. From Tai Chi to sound baths, from gardening to weight training, you’ll find a place of both power and peace.

Check it out and join us for a few days!

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