Surf Retreats

Surf Camp with Tony Audin & Echo

7 days from December 15th to December 22, 2018

An intensive surf retreat offering an opportunity to realize our potential on a surfboard and as humans walking this Earth. We demystify surfing in a comprehensive, progressive and integral manner in a beautiful, serene, and natural environment. This retreat will  dive you deeper into your surf practice all the while allowing you the simple joys of living; bask in the sun, play in the waves, nourish your temple, and deepen your spiritual practice.

We are engaged in an effort to deepen our connection with ourselves, the land, the ocean, and all of our planet’s inhabitants. This retreat offers an opportunity to do so through surfing, health, and happiness. We invite you to join us in a week of abundance, surf, and tranquility in this magnificent transformative space.

Surf Coaching

Surf coaching has evolved dramatically over the last decade. Students of all abilities are looking for professional coaches with increasing depths of knowledge, evolved coaching styles and an integral approach to the sport. Even those interested in taking up the sport for the first time aren’t necessarily looking to get pushed onto waves for a quick hour with a few hoots, and out you go…  In this retreat we explore the depths of what has become one of the world’s leading aquatic sports in a fun, progressive, and deeply comprehensive manner. We will get you immersed in all the aspects of surfing in no time and make you fall in love with the sport.

Good coaching can be incredibly useful at all levels of surfing as the factors that come into play in and out of the water are countless and the progression curve endless. This is why we believe in experience, professionalism  and a step-by-step approach in order to give you the fastest most comprehensive approach to improving your skills, wherever you are at. This is why we stress that our surf coaches be experienced instructors, articulate communicators, integral mentors, and experts on ocean safety and awareness.

Surfing is an integral sport, we delve both into an inner practice as well as an outer practice to ensure a wholistic and exciting discovery of our selves and our practice. We incorporate instruction on body movements, wave mechanics, ocean awareness, as well as beneficial mental and emotional practices in and out of the water. We spend as much time analyzing the movements of the ocean focusing  on synchronicity and energy efficiency as we do the technical side of surfing. Surfing can be broken down into specific skill sets, which, when built on top of one another, build confidence, understanding, motivation, and progress.

What is included:

  • 9 Surf Classes. (6 lessons in water & 3 workshops)
  • Optional free surf sessions
  • 1 daily yoga session. (6 during the whole week)
  • Your accommodations at the rated #1 by TripAdvisor on Nosara
  • Three meals per day prepared from our own organic garden by the amazing Chef Prabhu. (Except for Dinner Out Night)
  • Daily housekeeping service

What is not included:

  • Excursions: Zip line, Horseback tours, Spa Treatments, Paddle Boarding, ect.
  • Flights to Costa Rica
  • Airport shuttles from Liberia or San Jose (but we are happy to reccommend some reliable companies!)
  • Spa Services
  • Gratuities (we recommend 10%)
  • Alcohol
  • Dinner Out Night (we provide transportation to a local restaurant)

Pricing (Per person) :

7 night surf retreat:
Shared – Quad Occupancy: $ 1795 USD
Suite-Triple Occupancy $ 1985 USD
Suite-Double Occupancy: $ 2095  USD
Private Suite: $2850 USD

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