Surfer's ashram, spiritual refuge, jungle playground.

There are no walls. There is no hot water. The monkeys wake you up in the morning and the grasshoppers eat your bananas at night. The water comes from the ground, the electricity from the sun. Unplugging, reconnecting, eating from the earth, playing in the waves, and learning a few things along the way.

we live simply. we love it.

The refuge is a secluded hideout for surfers, adventurers, and yogis alike nestled away in the mountains of Nosara, Costa Rica. We run our own immersive retreats as well as let you take the whole place over as you please. On its mountaintop in the remote tranquility of nature, you will find a meditative space to rest your soul and a creative space to wake it. You will also find an abundant garden to feed your body, a workout station to train it, and a fully equipped surf school to invigorate it!