What is the refuge?

The refuge sits on 2 acres of lush, untouched, tropical jungle. Tucked away on a mountainside halfway between the beaches of Guiones and Ostional, we are blessed with an ocean view and a fresh breeze always running through the house. The property is a growing permaculture project aiming at being self-sufficient and harmonious with nature.


Per Night:



  • Access to Entire Property
  • Garden produce
  • Yoga Platforms
  • Skate Ramp
  • Training Area
  • Kitchen with 4-Burner Stove Top and Oven.
  • Outdoor Shower (No Hot Water)

Doesn't Include

  • Wifi (Coming Soon)
  • Transport
  • Surf Lessons ($60)
  • Board Rentals ($20/day)
  • Food/Drinks (BYO)

The Main House

The main house is located at the very top of the property with a 360 degree view of the ocean and nature surrounding it. Built only from natural materials, the house is held together by the perfection of its craftsmanship. It is truly a work of art! Although the sliding louvres allow for versatile options, there are no walls sealing the inside from the outside. This space is for those seeking a real encounter with nature and the elements. Birds and butterflies all fly throughout the house - even the sound of the ocean isn’t left out!

The kitchen is wide open and communal. The main living space has many hammocks, chill spots, and comfortably sleeps 4 people with limited privacy. There are plenty of musical instruments, a skate ramp and training equipment to keep you busy. The outdoor shower overlooks a lush ravine and the fire pit holds good space at the end of the day.

The Love Nest

The love nest is a small open rancho nestled in the mountainside with it’s own privacy, ocean view, and fire-pit. This space serves as a lover’s nest, a yoga deck and contemplative space. Whether you are meditating early morning with the monkeys, or enjoying a candle-lit conversation at night, this place holds it’s own magical energy.

La Casita

The casita functions as a work-space, surf bodega, and storage area. It is a place to get creative and get your hands dirty!