About Us

We are a small crew engaged in the values of simplicity, sustainability, and connection with nature. We play in the wild and in the waves, chill in hammocks, and eat food from our garden. We dive into the ocean and into nature, we love good food and good friendships, we live simple, we live relaxed. When we’re tired, we rest. When we’re not, we play!

We pride ourselves on being simple and authentic. That means affordable.

Are you looking to unplug and get back to the outdoors? Are you looking to surf all day, explore hidden gems, and make new friends along the way? Are you looking to hang out with interesting people, eat from the garden and discover new holistic practices? We are open to any and all combinations and are happy to accommodate you.

So whether you’re after a surf lesson, want to join our retreat, looking for an adventure, or just looking to rent the place out for you and your friends, we’re eager to hear from you!