The Surf School

Surf, Explore, and Improve with us!

Our surf school is more than just a school. We offer the entire experience. Search for perfect waves, set up a beach camp, learn and enjoy! It's unique, fun, and individually catered. We find the waves, you enjoy a solid surf, make new friends, eat tropical fruit, and experience something new along the way.


  • BOARD RENTAL: $20 day
  • SURF LESSON: $60 2hrs (includes board)
  • SURF TRIP: $80 half day (includes board and transportation)
  • VIDEO (DRONE): $100 session
  • Camp-outs, surf trips, and multi-day adventures priceless

We are as professional as any surf school but we pride ourselves in keeping things raw. From single lessons to multi-day camps. The magic of surfing doesn't come from whether you can surf well. It's the lifestyle it throws you into. Diving into waves and diving into the unknown you'll find new places, new faces, and new experiences. You'll build new friendships and learn new skills. You can discover parts of this country you couldn't have imagined were there. And you can feel a sensation you couldn't have imagined was so pure and so good. We call it the stoke.

So whether you're a total beginner looking for a lesson or a group of avid surfers looking for an unforgettable surf trip... we're here and we're ready for you.